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About Kefi Treats Kefi Treats handmade caramel apples

About Kefi Treats

Kefi Treats are handmade treats that evokes the sweetest of childhood memories. We love apples. We love caramel. We love chocolate. We love candy. Simple.

What we make

All our treats are handmade in small batches using quality ingredients and we don't add preservatives.

Fancy Schmancy Apples

Our signature treat is our Fancy Schmancy Apple. We take an ordinary apple, give it some bling and make it Fancy Schmancy!

View our Fancy Schmancy Apples page to see our range.

Molten Fancy Schmancy Apple

A decadent liquid, saucy version of our Fancy Schmancy Apples.

Fancy Schmancy Apple Chips

Dried apple slices, drizzled in our delicious candy toffee.

Fancy Schmancy Oranges

An alternative to candied orange skins, we've created our Orange Chips. They're crispy and covered in decadent dark couverture chocolate. Very difficult to resist.

Fancy Schmancy DIY Hot Chocolate

The real thing - real hot chocolate. Just add our DIY Hot Chocolate to your hot milk and enjoy!

Fancy Schmancy Funky Fruit

Unusual and exotic fruits from around the world, that just begged to be eaten with chocolate!

Hoity Toity Honeycomb

We've given plain old honeycomb a Cinderella makeover and Hoity Toity Honeycomb was born.

Hoity Toity Popcorn

We've also given plain old popcorn a makeover.

Peasantville Cookies

Traditional european, village style cookies. All handmade with no preservatives.

Traditional Treats

Toffee, caramel, brittle, fudge... just some or our handmade traditional sweets - perfect for any candy bar or event.

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Where to find Kefi Treats

Prahran Market on weekends:
Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday 10am-3pm
until sold out

You'll also find our Pop-up Stores at farmers, craft and design markets, in and around Melbourne. We also exibit at several wedding and bridal expos, food events and in specialty food stores. See our calendar page to see where we'll be next.

The Kefi Treats Difference

There are many great treats and gifts available but what makes Fancy Schmancy Apples so unique is our ability to specialise in tailoring our treats specifically for individual customers.

We personalise our apples for gifts, party favours and dessert tables for celebrations, Birthdays, Weddings, Christenings, Baptisms and Bar & Bat Mitzvah parties. We customise apple for corporate gifts with your branding, not only in packaging but in our artisan apple design too.


View our apple FAQ's page for information on our apples.

How to eat your Fancy Schmancy Apple

Click here for suggestions on serving your Fancy Schmancy Apple.

Company history

Kefi Treats' founders are two sisters who grew up loving fruit and treats equally. We really did eat an apple a day. Fresh fruit from the green grocers, direct from the Mother Nature's orchard, but every now and then were given a treat. An apple of ruby red toffee: sticky and chewy, a jaw-busting delight with a core of marbled fruit, sweet, delicious and so so juicy.

This was magic food, from a fairy's recipe book. We were kids and we were spellbound.

Now that we're a little older we've taken those treasured childhood moments and covered them in smooth silky caramel and smooth chocolate. A bit more decadent but a bit more grown up too. But no need to worry, we also make old fashion toffee apples too! We just add our own twist to this candy classic.

The name - Kefi Treats

We borrowed the name Kefi from the ancient Greeks. Although it's a difficult word to explain, it perfectly sums up our attitude to life. Google's translation is fun, mirth, cheer, joviality, conviviality but it's much more than that. A friend of Kefi Trea's has written the article (right), that describes what Kefi means to us.

What the heck is Kefi anyway?

The Italians call it la dolce vita, the French joie de vivre, the Irish the craic and in Australia we call it knowing how to have a good time. If you're Greek you call it Kefi. Kefi is the art of knowing how to live a little (OK a lot). The Greeks, both divine and mortal, have always known how to do that.

Kefi is Dionysus, the God of the good time and the foodie nymph Ambrosia. It's Anthony Quinn doing the Zorba (of course), it's smashing plates for the tourists, it's the Olympic exemplar, it's Calliope the poet's Muse, Apollo and Aphrodite too, it's the Acropolis at dawn and at dusk, it's wine and dancing and more wine and dancing, it's sun kissed islands of white-washed houses capped in indigo blue.

It's about celebration, the simple joy of life. Good times and good friends. It's surrendering to happiness and to the moment (because you know it can't last forever). Kefi is exuberant, at liberty (but never libertine), boundless but mindful, enthusiastic, spontaneous, audacious, passionate, blissful and fun. It leaves the demands of daily life behind (just for a bit anyway).

You already know Kefi. It combines the elements of life we all treasure (from wherever on the map we hail): love, family and food. Always food. If that wasn't the case you wouldn't be on the internet looking for the best of your childhood, making your newest happy memories just like you did when you were a kid. For you (just like us) food is much much more than sustenance it's about experience, feeling and something to cherish. It's the culinary heirloom we call the family recipe, it's the traditional table of the family feast, it's the first time you were taken to a grown-up restaurant, it's the unveiling of the wedding cake, it's the comfort of food and community when tragedy strikes, it's the lollipop and ice-cream cone of kids birthdays, and it's picking apples in the village orchard with your grandparents, biting into a juicy ruby bauble, grown by your kin.

That's what it means to have Kefi. It's philosophical (it is a way to live life to its fullest), it's poetical (it expresses your love of life) and it's egalitarian (everyone is invited). Enjoy!

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